The EAWBC and its members have a responsibility towards all their colleagues and the national societies to which they belong. They are committed to maintaining a high level of training, with confidence, honesty and unselfishness. In order to maintain a professional and current level of competence, they are committed to keeping their professionalism updated, this is also in order to improve their support in leadership, in evaluating processes and results.


A stylised female silhouette inside a circle which symbolises the world, with nine golden seven point stars to represent the seven notes, that embrace the female figure whilst conducting, highlighting the fundamental synchronic unity of body and soul, of technical-rational action and intimate and profound passion.


The idea of forming an organisation dedicated to the world of female Band Conductors came from an intuition that M° Antonella Bona had, after years of artistic activity with one of the best Italian institutional military bands, to focus a spotlight on the specific individual FEMALE-Artist, creating a “suitable space” dedicated to the harmonic education of the individual-artist, not only from the musical point of view but also from the psychological and managerial points of view.

The Maestroes Renata Oliveira, Céline Pellmont e Sara Maganzini have enthusiastically accepted the invitation extended to them by M° Bona to join her in the formation and development of this idea.

All these well-established professionals have decided to put their own abilities and experience to the service of their music colleagues, by creating a prestigious association that offers opportunities for comparison, exchange, development and work, in which the artists can always express their own authentic originality.